Interpersonal Resilience: Tools for Developing Conflict Competence

6 Lessons


This course will coach you to effectively navigate one of the most frequently cited work stressors: interpersonal conflict.

Two priorities in the course content will be cultural considerations (how to interact with people who view conflict differently than you do), and personal emotion regulation (how to manage anxiety about approaching conflict in the first place, or manage anger in response to conflict).

The benefit of this course format is that participants will gain the increased understanding of their own growth areas, alternative perspectives on conflict resolution, and practical skills that can boost confidence for interpersonal effectiveness.

What Participants Will Learn:

·      Learn how to frame the problem and set reasonable goals that also incorporates others’ worldviews and values.

·      Measure your own attitudes and behaviors related to approaching conflict.

·      Learn practical strategies for when, where, and how to navigate problems with coworkers.

·      Utilize office hours to chat online with the course instructor about questions or problem-solve around particular barriers.